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Different Ways to Style Your Sweaters

How many sweaters is too many sweaters?? As Cady Heron once said: the limit does not exist. ;) I LIVE in cozy sweaters through Fall and Winter, but honestly, I get bored of only pairing them with jeans and booties or leggings and sneakers. I'm THAT person who doesn't love to repeat outfits often, I know... ridiculous BUT I know I'm not the only one so, I wanted to bring you some inspo on different ways to style your sweaters this winter. Getting creative with staple pieces allows for more use, and bang for your buck, on the items in your closet. Whether you're going for a casual or dressy look, don't be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone and spice it up a bit!

This post contains affiliate links. You can shop the items in the photo through the corresponding link below the photo, or by clicking on the photo itself.


High Waisted Maxi Skirt

This is one of my favorite outfits! It makes me want all of the high waisted maxi skirts! For this look, I tucked the bottom of my sweater up under my bra to give the sweater a cropped look instead of a bunched up, tucked in look. I think it makes the outfit come off as a bit more classy! Pair with some heels for an even more dressy look.

A Vest

Y'all... I've been sleeping on vests. I recently started wearing them again and found this one, which can pair with just about any solid color sweater, for a great price! I feel like this is kind of a "cop out" option, but a vest adds a bit more to the look and I feel like we forget about them! I went with my favorite non-athletic sneakers for this outfit, which go well with just about anything.

Over A Plaid Shirt

This look works best with a basic, neutral sweater. I love this option because you can dress it up or down, and it's great for work, parties, or a day of shopping - just depends what you pair it with. I feel like this puts those neutral colored sweaters that just sit in your closet (if you're like me any way lol) to good use!

Mini Skirt and Over-the-Knee Boots

This, like the first one, is a favorite look! I've been obsessing over these boots since I got them back in the spring. I feel like everyone needs a good mini skirt and OTK boots in their closet for a look like this! You can pair just about any sweater, solid or patterned, with them. :)

Patterned Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarf for the win, always. Just like the vest, this adds a little spunk to your outfit! Blanket scarves are the perfect accessory in the Fall and Winter. :)

Dressy Paper Bag Pants

Alright, if you were around for my blog post on "Affordable Holiday Outfit Ideas" you already know how in love with these pants I am. They come in a handful of colors and are sooo comfortable. I'm impressed by the quality and fit for how affordable they are! They go perfect with a sweater in the winter, and when Summer rolls around, you can pair them with a dressy tank for date night or drinks with the girls!

Paper Bag Mom Jeans

This outfit screams bring back the '90s and is so fun if you have a vintage, old soul style. I love having these jeans as an option in my closet when I want to mix things up. AND, because accessories can make or break the outfit, adding a western belt and the non-athletic white sneaks is a must!

Over a Bodycon Mini Dress

Anyone else's bodycon mini dresses collect dust in their closet over the winter? NO MORE, SIS! Throw a sweater on over top of it and tie up the front of your sweater and tuck it up under! You can dress up this look with heels or mules, or make it casual with the sneakers. :)

Jeans and Wedge Sneakers

The classic look! I decided to swap out the booties for these wedge sneakers. I've never owned a pair but I'm loving them! I wore them to do some errands the other day and they're actually super comfortable. They are the perfect for adding a little something to a simple outfit. :)

Leather Leggings

Last, but certainly not least, the leather leggings! Alright, TBH... I kept seeing so many posts about leather leggings so I decided to bite the bullet and try these out. And I actually love them! They are so comfortable yet so chic, and add spice to an every day outfit. If you don't have a pair of leather leggings in your closet yet, you need some!

I hope this post gives you some inspo on how to style those sweaters in your closet this winter! :)



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