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Makeup Products I'm Currently Loving

Outfit Details: Jean Jacket, Sweater, Beanie

Hey hey sis! Long time no chat! I took some time to unplug from creating content around the holidays and in to the new year. Hustling and focusing on our goals is important, but taking time to rest is just as important. 2020 was a wild ride, and it felt nice to sit back, relax, and not have a million things on my mind. I hope you had a great holiday and took time for yourself, too! :)

Annnyway - although I can't be bothered to do my hair most days, I've been super in to makeup lately. I've been finding myself actually wanting to do my makeup, and have spent some time testing out different products to see what I (and my skin) like! Over the past few months I've shared the products I love on my Instagram when I see there's a good deal on them, but I wanted to round up my current favorites in a post for y'all!

This post contains affiliate links - you can shop the items through the corresponding links throughout the post. As always, opinions about products within this post are my own.



Tula Face Filter - this is one of my most worn makeup products! It's a moisturizing, tinted primer so even on days I don't feel like wearing makeup, I usually put this on over my moisturizer in the morning. It gives my skin an even, glowy look!


Tarte Maracuja Tinted Hydrator - I just started using this product about a month ago and it's quickly becoming my favorite! It's the perfect light-weight coverage for days I'm out running errands, hanging out with family/friends, or just want to throw a little something on! It's moisturizing and I wear this over top of the Tula Face Filter! I'm shade 20N light neutral.

Tarte Face Tape - since this is a full coverage foundation, I grab for this on days I want a full makeup look. It's perfect for events, big work meetings, or when you want to spice up your look for the day! I've tried a few different full coverage foundations over the past few years and this one is by far my favorite - it goes on smooth and isn't too "heavy" feeling. I wear shade 22N light neutral.


Tarte Shape Tape - you've probably heard of this a million times, but in my opinion, there's a reason! I refused to use this product for years because "everyone else was using it", and I didn't want to spend the money. Finally I decided to give it a shot about a year ago and haven't looked back since. Anytime I wear makeup, whether it's a quick 3 minute look or I'm going full glam, I use this concealer! It's great for covering dark circles under eyes, blemishes/red spots, and also is great for contouring. I wear shade 16N fair-light neutral.

Pressed Powder

No. 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder - not sure why I waited so long to incorporate this in to my makeup routine! It helps give my skin a flawless, matte finish without drying it out! I apply it over my foundation and concealer before I apply blush. I use a damp beauty blender to apply it, and wear shade "Medium". They also have it in a translucent shade if you don't want any tint to it. I've read this is an awesome dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's pressed powder - I haven't ever used it so I can't speak to that, but the CT pressed powder is $45 and this is $13, so I'll take it! lol


Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush - y'all, I've never been so married to a makeup product like I am this blush. I've been using it since high school(!!) and I'm still hooked. I wear shade 'peach beach". It has a little shimmer to it, so it adds a rosey look to my cheeks while also giving them a bit of a glow! I have a few other blushes I like to mix in every once in a while as well - Tarte's blush in shade "peaceful" is one option.


IT Cosmetics Brow Power Pencil - another product I've been using forever! TBH, eyebrows are my least favorite part of makeup, they are the one thing that seem to have a mind of their own and it drives me nuts lol. I wear shade "universal taupe" and use this to shape my brows. Recently I started using a mix of "rebel" and "jetsetter" from Tarte's in bloom pallet, which I'll talk about in a second, to fill in my brows! It gives it more of a natural look and doesn't look as "drawn on" - if ya know what I mean LOL.


Tartelette "in Bloom" Pallet - I loveee this pallet! It comes up 12 shades, most of which are matte with a few shimmery options. The shades range from light to dark neutrals, and have a pinkish/tan undertones to them. So pretty! My go-to's are "sweatheart", "smarty pants", "funny girl", and "charmer".

Stila Shimmer/Sparkle & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow - this product is fun for spicing up a soft makeup look or adding to a full glam! I love matte shadows, and most days that's what I wear BUT days I'm in that feel good mood I love to add a little shimmer or sparkle. I've been using shimmer & glow shadow in shade "starlight", I love adding it over "sweatheart" from the Tarte pallet! Shade "kitten karma" in the sparkle & glow looks fun, too!


L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Base & Voluminous Lash Paradise - alright, let me start by saying I was a ride or die "Better Than Sex" mascara fan for yearsss. I still do use it to this day sometimes - BTS is the only waterproof mascara I like so that's when I use it! BUT awhile ago I found out about this dupe and started trying it out. I (personally) think it works just as well as BTS - especially for $15 cheaper! I also like the primer and use it with other mascaras as well (like Tarte's Maneater).

Setting Spray

Tarte Stay Spray - I've tried a few different setting sprays and so far Tarte has been my favorite. It works well (which is a win, obviously), but my favorite part is it doesn't sit heavy on my skin. Some others I've tried make my skin feel sticky and/or it feels like a caked on finish to my makeup. This one doesn't do that for me!


Colourpop Lippie Stix - if you follow me on IG, you know I'm obsessed with these! They are soft like butter, have a matte finish, and stay on my lips great! AND, they are only $7! Woo wooo. My favorite shades are "cookie", "love life", and "parker".

Brushes & Blenders

Makeup Brushes - these have over 55,000 reviews and are 4.5/5 stars. The best part, they are only $9 for 14 brushes! I've been using these for years.

Blush Brush - the only "expensive" brush I have is for my blush and I will never go back! I think part of the reason I love my blush so much is because of this brush haha!

Beauty Blenders - I use these to apply my foundation, concealer, and pressed powder! They have over 45,000 reviews and are 4.5/5 stars! You get a pack of 5 for $9.

I hope you find his helpful if there's some makeup products you've been on the hunt for or wanting to try out! Let me know in the comments if you're loving any of these, too! :)




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